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Hello Spring! Hello Flowers! Hello…?

Photo by Ilana Gustafson

Cynthia (blissfully):  Our friend and fellow cat lover, Ilana, took this photo and I can’t stop looking at it – it’s so pretty. Don’t you just love springtime, Marcy? I always feel so optimistic and happy in spring.

Cynthia turns around to find Marcy sitting in a dense cloud of her own fur.

Marcy:  I mostly feel oppressed by hairballs in spring.

Cynthia screams and rushes off to find Marcy’s hair brush. 

*Don’t forget to brush your kitties more often in the springtime. Technically, indoor cats shed lightly all year long, but I’ve noticed that mine really do shed more in the spring. They’re weird like that. Brushing them every few days cuts waaaaaay down on the hairballs (and the amount of times I have to vacuum and dust!).