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The Cat’s Pajamas

Sittin’ Kitty One-piece Pajamas from ModCloth

Cynthia:  There are some things in life that just puzzle me. For instance, this Star Trek inspired Hello Kitty onesie makes me worry.

Marcy:  It’s hideous.

Cynthia:  The thing is – maybe it’s not hideous. I mean… some buyer at ModCloth thought it was great enough to sell on their site. Maybe something is wrong with our taste level. Or…maybe…  I’m thinking… It’s  HILARIOUS instead of  HIDEOUS!

Cynthia starts to giggle uncontrollably at the thought of walking around her house looking like Mr. Spock in a Hello Kitty onesie.

Cynthia:  It makes me want to buy it and add Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Devo hat. Bawhahahahahaaaa. It’d be a riot. Hahahahahaha…

Marcy (aghast) Nooooo…. You better not.

Cynthia:  I MIGHT!  Hahahahahaha…

Cynthia abruptly stops laughing.

Cynthia (very serious):  I wonder if wearing a Star Trek inspired Hello Kitty onesie would be considered grounds for divorce?

Marcy:  Yes. Irreconcilable Differences. And I’m going with Freddy. Call me when you get your brain back.