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Fun, Marcy's Nine Likes

Marcy’s Nine Likes | deux

Tal Peleg, cat eye

Cynthia:  Here we are with our monthly installment of ‘Marcy’s Nine Likes’.

Marcy:  I thought this was supposed to be weekly.

Cynthia:  We changed it to monthly.

Marcy:  Did I approve of this or have you gone rogue?

Cynthia:  You were on catnip at the time but you thought it was groovy.

Marcy:  I’m sure I meant gravy.


Marcy’s Nine Likes

1.  Sweet and discreet: Minimalist tattoos by Seoeon.

2.  Feel like you’re flying with this short video of a murmuration of starlings.

3. Really cool, really simple cat shoe DIY.

4. A pretty and delicate chevron necklace that’s made in the USA.

5.  They say that 90% of native English speakers can’t pronounce this whole poem.  Proof that the English language is pretty stupid.

6.  Sofia Coppola’s holiday commercials for the GAP are weird and normal and perfect.

7.  Holiday ballerina dress in edgy colors.

8.  Fascinating video about how our society perceives women’s voices.

9.  Makeup artist Tal Peleg creates another cool cat eye plus more!

xo and meow, marcy + cynthia


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Marcy’s Nine Likes






Fine Arts

Yet Another Gorgeous Cat Eye by Tal Peleg

Yin and Yang cat eye by Tal Peleg

Cynthia:  As long as make-up artist extraordinaire, Tal Peleg, continues to create the most gorgeous and original cat eyes ever, I will continue to blog about them. I think they are magnificent. She calls this one “Yin and Yang” and it’s an update on her first cat eye that went viral last year. I blogged about that one here and her Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat one here.

Marcy:  I thought one of my 2014 New Year’s resolutions for you was to decrease your use of silly superlatives.

Cynthia:  My New Year’s resolution is to increase my use of super superlatives, Marcy. I want a new year that is coated in them.  Now jump on board and join me in marveling at this most marvelous cat eye ever.

Tal Peleg‘s work continues to be intricate, emotional, and artistic. This next one is based on The Princess and the Pea.

The Princess and the Pea eye makeup by Tal Peleg

Cynthia:  And this next one is a startlingly precise depiction of manic depression.

Eye Artwork Representing Manic Depression by Tal Peleg

Marcy:   That is so pretty… but… so dark. Just like me.

Cynthia:  Yes, so can we please aim for a year that contains more electric pink butterflies and less crying coal?

Marcy:  I aim high. At least to the top of the refrigerator.


Fine Arts

Dr. Seuss Inspired Eye Make-up by Tal Peleg

Cynthia:  Make-up artist extraordinaire, Tal Peleg, does it again! Her latest eye make-up creation is inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Make-up by Tal Peleg

Cynthia:  Her detail and colors are stunning. Magical, really. And joyous. Just like Dr. Seuss.

The Cat In The Hat Comes Back was one of my favorite childhood books. I was mesmerized by the Cat’s antics. He’s the original Bad Cat!

The Cat In The Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss
“Do you know where I found him?
You know where he was?
He was eating cake in the tub!
Yes he was!
The hot water was on
And the cold water, too.
And I said to the cat,
‘What a bad thing to do!’
‘But I like to eat cake
In a tub’, Laughed the cat.
‘You should try it some time’,
Laughed the cat as he sat.”


Marcy: gasp… That cat. He’s so bad!

Cynthia:  Yes indeed. He is one bad kitty.

Marcy (eyes widening):  He’s so bad!

Cynthia:  Don’t get any ideas, Marcy.

Marcy (mesmerized):  I can’t help it. He’s so bad!



Fine Arts

The Ultimate Cat Eye

Cynthia:  OMG! This is the most Crazy Amazing Awesome cat eye. Ever.

Cat Eye by Make-up Artist, Tal Peleg

Marcy:  Your use of superlatives is getting tiresome. Must you gush? ALL THE TIME?!

Cynthia:  C’mon, Marcy. You have to admit this is pretty freaking cool! The make-up artist is Tal Peleg. From Isreal, if I am not mistaken. I am unfortunately unable to read her website but the pictures of her work on it are beautiful.

Oh Wow! What a neato idea and so perfectly executed. Aw… and she loves her kitty too.

The Artist, Tal Peleg, And Her Cat

Cynthia:  What do you think, Marcy?

Marcy gives Cynthia an inscrutable stare and whips her tail around.

Cynthia:  Well… Marcy?

Marcy continues to stare Cynthia down. Tail whipping this way and that.

Cynthia:  Ha. You can’t say one cynical or snarky thing because it is so awesome!

Marcy:  Hmmmpf.

Cynthia’s eyes bug out with a sudden realization and she jumps out of her chair.

Cynthia: I WANT ONE!

Marcy:  Of course you do, Cindy, of course you do.