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Fashion History Told Through Dance (in 100 seconds)



Cynthia:  In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, I thought I would post this amazing and fun dance video about fashion over the past 100 years.

Marcy:  That video is two years old already.

Cynthia:  I know, but it’s #ThrowbackThursday. So it’s like a #ThrowbackThursday throwing back to a #ThrowbackThursday.

Marcy:  Today’s Friday.

Cynthia looks at the calendar.

Cynthia:  Oops. You’re right.  Hmmmm…

Cynthia thinks for a moment.

Cynthia:  Ah ha. Got it. So this video is in honor of  #FashionFriday. Or #FinallyFriday throwing back to a #ThrowbackThursday. Or a –

Marcy:  Would you stop talking in hashtags already? You sound stupid.

Cynthia (chuckling):  #Sorry.

Marcy:  I said it before and I’ll say it again. You are all going to the birds.

Cynthia: You said it on Tuesday. (bursting into giggles) #TweetTweetTuesday.

Marcy walks away shaking her head with her tail high in the air as Cynthia doubles over from laughing hysterically at her own joke.


Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope (#blackcatsrule)

Marcy is taking a bath while Penelope Kitten leaps up and down like a jumping bean.

penelope kitten (jumping):  #blackcatsrule

Marcy rolls her eyes and continues with her bath.

penelope kitten (jumping):  #blackcatsrule (jumping)  #blackcatsrule

Marcy:  Says who?

penelope kitten (jumping):  #twitter

Marcy:  Twitter is for the birds.

penelope kitten (jumping):  #blackcatsrule

Marcy:  Stop talking in hashtags already. And stop jumping. I’m getting nauseated.

penelope kitten (jumping):  #cantstopwontstop

Marcy:  Well, Black cats don’t rule. I do. And you shouldn’t be on Cindy’s computer. She doesn’t like kitty cooties on the keyboard.

penelopekitten (jumping):  #bossy. #imtellingmom

Marcy:  She’s not your mom.

penelope kitten (jumping):  #yessheis

Marcy:  No she’s not. She’s a human and you’re a cat.

Penelope Kitten stops jumping and gapes at Marcy.

penelope kitten:  no santa claus. no easter bunny. and now cindy’s not my mom?!

Penelope Kitten goes back to being a jumping bean.

penelope kitten (jumping):  #yeahright

Marcy:  Hey! I never told you there wasn’t a Santa Claus. I told you there wasn’t a Tooth Fairy.

penelope kitten (aghast):  no tooth fairy?



Marcy:  Oh. Oops. I guess I got confused.

Penelope Kitten runs off yelling for Cynthia.

penelope kitten:  mom! mom! mom! marcy’s being mean. she says there’s no tooth fairy!

Marcy:  #MarcyRules