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Rabbit Watercolor by Water In My Paint


(buying via the affiliate links may result in Marcy and Penelope Kitten getting more treats)

Cynthia is perusing the internet for bunnies. Because. You know. It’s that time of year.

Cynthia (shouting joyfully):  Bunny!

Bunny Coin Purse


Cynthia (shouting gleefully):  Bunny!




Cynthia (shouting happily):  Bunny!


Bunny Wall Decal


Marcy:  If I had a bunny, I’d eat him for breakfast.

Cynthia (shouting disgustedly):  Marcy!

Marcy (innocently):  What?

Cynthia:  Way to ruin a moment. Ugh.

Marcy:  You mean … mmmmmmm..

Cynthia removes herself and her computer to the other room in order to look at bunnies without thinking of bunny stew.

She resumes her bunny perusing.

Cynthia (shouting from the other room):  Bunny!


Wildfox ‘Pocket Bunny’ Tee


Marcy licks her chops.



I Went To Anthropologie And All I Got Was A Tshirt Afternoon Abroad Tee for Anthropologie
Anthropologie Circle The Globe skirt, sim here and here
Trotters ‘Prima’ Pump

Cynthia:  So I had a two hour lunch break from jury duty last week and there was an Anthropologie within walking distance. Of course, since I was in Santa Monica, so was the beach. Which do you think I chose, Marcy?

Marcy:  Oh please. Between lunch, the beach, or Anthropologie? I think everyone here already knows where you headed.

Cynthia:  Oh.

Marcy:  So what’d you get? A flouncy skirt? A cardi festooned with rosettes? A quirky blouse in an interesting silhouette?

Cynthia:  A tshirt. Actually, two tees.

Anthropologie Essential Scoopneck
Target Mossimo Jeans, sim here and here
Dr. Scholl’s Original Sandal

Marcy:  Do they have intricate dainty details? Puffy sleeves? Elegant embroidery?

Cynthia:  No. They’re pretty basic but they fit nicely. And the colors are nice.

Marcy:  You went to Anthropologie – the awesome ark of “adorkable” fashion – and got … nice tshirts?

Cynthia:  What was I supposed to do? Anthro has completely lost their mind. Everything on the floor looked like yoga wear. And 1990’s ugly boho. Shapeless tunics. Horrible fabrics. Horrible prints. And oh my gosh why oh why are they still pushing skinny jeans and chinos?

Marcy:  Skinny jeans, chinos, and basic tees at … Anthropologie?

Cynthia:  YES! Who do they think they are? The Gap? Target? … Gasp … Walmart?!!

Marcy:  Gasp.

Cynthia:  Exactly. So until Anthropologie returns to the land of well made, pretty, quirky, romantic clothing, I will simply style my tees with Anthro items of yore. Afternoon Abroad Tee for Anthropologie

Marcy lunges at Cynthia with her claws. Cynthia jumps away, screaming.

Cynthia:  Aaaaaackkkk…. what are you doing?

Marcy:  You said you wanted to style your tees with items of tore. Just trying to help.

Cynthia:  Yore, Marcy! Yore!

Cynthia rushes off to find the kitty nail clippers.

Marcy:  What’d I do?



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