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Cynthia: So of course I had to share another vintage photo of a girl posing with her cat. It is #ThrowbackThursday after all.

Marcy:  Of course you did. You’re obsessed with these photos.

Cynthia:  Kind of. This one makes me want to put on a romantic white blouse like this one for $410 that (of course) sold out immediately at Anthropologie.

Chaine Peasant Top by Zimmerman at Anthropologie

Marcy:  As noted in a previous post, you have a serious problem.

Cynthia:  I know.  These two are more reasonable and just as pretty.

HD in Paris Pina Lace Top
Free People Connected Mock Neck Buttondown

Cynthia:  And throw on a big bow –

Satin Ribbon Hair Clip

Marcy:  Okay so you do know it’s not 1985 anymore.  Right? Cindy?

Cynthia:  And grab a cat.

Marcy:  Grab a dead cat you mean.

Cynthia:  No, I don’t mean that. What do you mean?

Marcy:  That’s a taxidermy cat.

Cynthia:  No way.

Marcy:  Take a good look, Cindy. That is one dead stuffed cat.

Cynthia takes another look at the photo.

And then another look.

And another.

Marcy:  Sorry to burst your bubble.

Cynthia:  You’re not sorry.

Marcy:  I know.

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Throwback Thursday:  Happiness Is A Cute Cat




Fine Arts

Throwback Thursday: Happiness Is A Cute Cat

Cynthia:  Most portraits from the “olden times” seem to be composed of uncomfortable people wearing uncomfortable clothes and gazing uncomfortably at the camera. But, put a cat in their arms and suddenly the person’s eyes light up with joy and a smile threatens to emerge from their lips.



Some even break out into big toothy grins! I especially love this one! Even the cats look happy!



I can’t seem to find the origins and/or dates of the pics above but I do know that the ladies in this next picture are Edna B. Doughty and Louisa Grogen. The year was 1927 and the picture was taken in Washington at the Wardman Park Hotel for a cat show. I love the decorative cloche the lady on the right is wearing.


1927, Wardman Park Hotel, Washington
Photo from The Library Of Congress
Prints and Photographs Online Catalogue


Cynthia:  Charles Schulz, the creator of Snoopy and Peanuts, says that happiness is a warm puppy. With all due respect to the Peanut Gallery, I would like to add that happiness is also a cute cat.

Marcy:  I don’t think Mr. Schulz would mind. And anyway, he’s dead.

Cynthia:  Marcy! Way to change the tone! Gee whiz!

Marcy:  What? It’s my blog and I’ll change the tone if I want to.


Fine Arts

Girls And Their Cats Go Way Way Back

Edwardian Girl with Her Cat

Cynthia:  These vintage photos of girls with cats are magnificent.

Marcy:  So there were crazy cat ladies like you in the olden times?

Cynthia:  Yup. The one above is sometimes dated as Edwardian and sometimes as 1922. The Edwardian Era was over by the end of World War I in 1918, and her dress just doesn’t seem like the carefree Roaring Twenties to me, so I want to say this picture IS Edwardian and NOT 1922. Late Edwardian. I could be very wrong of course.

Marcy:  I am sure you are wrong.

Cynthia:  Anthropologie has a blouse that I think would be a great modern day interpretation of her dress. Wispy. Ethereal. Soft.

Anthropologie Blushed Lace Blouse

Cynthia:  This next one is dated as Victorian Era, which could be anywhere from 1837-1901. I want to say 1880’s – 1890’s. What do you think?

Victorian Era Girl with Her Cat

Cynthia:  I love picking up modern day references. For instance, her blouse reminds me of the shirts and a dress I wore in 1981 to get that Little House on The Prairie look that was so popular then. Don’t judge me too harshly – I was 12 at the time!

Those mutton sleeves are popular right now. Anthropologie is selling a beautiful mutton sleeve shirt.

Anthropologie Sonata Top

Cynthia:  Now her hair. Well, that reminds me of a style I had for exactly 3 months in 1988 when I got a perm.

Cynthia’s Big Hair Moment

Cynthia:  What do you think? Is it more Jon Bon Jovi or Victorian?

Marcy is speechless and stares at the picture in stunned horror.

Cynthia (excitedly):  By the way, I am wearing Guess jeans with zippers on the ankles in this picture. Guess what I am seeing all over the stores lately, Marcy?

Marcy:  Jeans with zippers on the ankles?

Cynthia (proudly):  Uh Huh, that’s right! (Cynthia dances around gleefully) Jeans with zippers on the ankles!!! Fashion is always on an endless cycle of repeat.

Marcy:  Yeah… well…those hairdos need to remain in the eighties. Whether it’s the 1880’s or 1980’s. I would like a mutton chop, though. That sounds tasty.




Marcy Goes To Hollywood (Cat Lady Looks From 1961)

Marcy:  Cindy, look! They are holding cat auditions in Hollywood. Let’s go! I am prettier than all of those stupid cats on leashes! I know I’ll get the part.

*Black Cat Audition Photos*

 Hmmmm WHAT?! Get my headshot and let’s go!Cynthia:  Ummmm… hmmmmm… uh, well…

Cynthia:  Oh, Marcy, this is a picture from 1961. The auditions were possibly for a Roger Corman film called Tales of Terror.

Marcy:  So WHAT?! I’m going to be famous. Let’s go!

Cynthia:  But that was over 50 years ago. Why do you want to be famous anyway?

Marcy:  Because I need to get the hell out of this cat infested dump before I go crazy!

Cynthia (hurt):  Awwww… we have a nice place.

Marcy:  Because I want to be important and looked at and admired and idolized for being pretty and mean and vapid.

Cynthia:  Uh… I don’t think you want to be vapid.


Cynthia:  No.

Marcy:  That’s because you look like crap. If you are going to be my agent I need you to step up your fashion game.

Cynthia:  Now I’m your agent?

Marcy: You will obviously need pedal pushers or a pencil skirt, a bouffant hair-do, and a nice strand of pearls. Oh! And a structured and classy purse. Try and look like this:

Marcy:  Or this. Although I highly doubt you could manage to look this good. Try, please.

Marcy:  However, if you look like this I will hire a new agent.

Cynthia:  Awww… look at those cute crazy old cat ladies. That’s my future, Marcy! I love it! You know, I think I have a pair of Oxfords just like the lady on the right. (as she rushes off) I’ll go get them!

Marcy (disgusted):  And this is why I’m leaving to be a Hollywood Star.