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Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Penelope Kitten wishes everyone a very happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! squeak!

Cynthia:  In honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, I thought I would share some favorite black cat pictures I found on the internet.

Cute Black Cat
source unknown

Cynthia:  Black cats are statistically the least adoptable cat and the most likely euthanized cat in shelters.

Artsy Black Cat
“stay away from my cat, dude”
source unknown

Cynthia:  It is difficult to understand why since their temperament is very sweet, affectionate, and loyal. But we saw it ourselves when we were trying to adopt out our black rescue kitten, Penelope, with her Tortie sister, Muffin. Everyone wanted Muffin. No one even looked at Penelope.

Cynthia:  So we decided to keep Penelope! Yay! She’s ours now!

Cynthia:  Black cats have it really rough out there. They are oddly considered by many to bring bad luck. Some people even think they are evil. Many shelters and cat rescues stop adopting out black cats during the month of October to prevent them from being the subject of horrific tricks or used in sacrifice rituals.


Marcy:  What is WRONG with people, Cindy?

Cynthia:  I wish I knew, Marcy.  But enough gloom. Aren’t black cats ADORABLE?!!!

Another Cute Black Cat

Cynthia:  Let’s go tell Penelope Kitten how much we appreciate her!

Marcy:  I don’t appreciate her. She whaps me on the head. I don’t appreciate that. It makes me mad.

Cynthia:  Oh Marcy, she’s a kitten. She’s trying  to be your friend and she just needs a little guidance. C’mon, I’ll go tell her for you.

Illustration by Carolina Gronholm, Late Night Drawing,
for sale on her Etsy shop, follow link above

*Interesting Note On The Origin Of Black Cat Appreciation Day:  It was started in 2011 by Wayne Morris as a Facebook campaign to raise awareness of the plight of black cats and as a way to honor his sister and her beloved 20 year old black cat. His sister passed away from cancer on August 17 at the young age of 33. Her black cat had  passed away two months before. Wayne’s Facebook page For The Love Of Black Cats (Black Cat Appreciation Day) now has over 94,000 followers. Awareness raised? Meowza!